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            Liaoning boao is a research and development the production of insulin products for the integration of modern biological science and technology enterprises. The company rely on the geographical advantages and so on, become a strong industrial base.
            We would like to "people-oriented, and scientific management" policy of the management, under the guidance of the "attitude is everything, decide the success or failure of the details" as a code of conduct in innovation and development, and seeking harmony in development. In other to promote the company development, we should commitment to product innovation, technological innovation and product restructuring To better products, more efficient and more competitive prices to meet customer requirements.
            Please extend my thanks, on behalf of all the staff of boao for the support and concern of the people all over the world. I would like to express our sincere gratitude. We are willing to join hands with all the friends create a better future, warp-sheng, emotional boao, return the community for the benefit of one party.

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